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Roberta Neidigh grew up on a farm in the rural Midwest, where land seemed to have
no bounds. The farmhouse had been inhabited by generations of Roberta's ancestors,
and her time there marked the beginning of her fascination with people, their histories,
and their landscapes. She earned a BFA in Textile Design at Indiana University and
subsequently settled with her husband in northern California, where she worked as an
exhibiting textile artist for ten years. Photographing her first child rekindled a love for
the darkroom, and Roberta began making portraits, focusing on connections between
people and their environments. After raising her family, Roberta returned to the landscape
in 2010. She has since shown her work in California, New York, Colorado, Pennsylvania,
Vermont, Washington, Illinois and Massachusetts 
and currently explores the ways in which
we cultivate our own public and private spaces.         

Artist's statements

Property Line

Where two plots of suburban land meet, a visual dialogue begins. This point of contact,
on the property line, reveals communication between neighbors through landscape as
an extension of the self. There is no margin here. Are we connected or divided by the
place our land touches the land of another? How is this line drawn? In this body of
work, I explore the way we protect our boundaries by creating a buffer in a place that
has none, and how we cling more strongly to our own identity as our space nears
its edge.  view

Of Love and Longing

This series examines the mother daughter relationship in life and death, informed by
memory, story and dreams. Memory is fraught with inconsistency yet skillful in informing
the heart. Story and dream feed the dialog in silence and questioning. I began working
on this project in 2010, one year after the death of my mother. In grief and longing, I
found my awareness focused on my own role as mother of three daughters and on the
circular and mysterious nature of time. The brevity and generosity of a life  fully lived
is complete within the context of time and connections to the past, present and future.
This collection of images is a celebration of relationship, simultaneously fleeting
and infinite.  view